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The Mission of Collin County Freedom Fighters is to recognize and put into record those patriotic individuals from Collin County, Texas, who have served in the Uniformed Armed Forces of the United States.  It has taken many many hours of research to compile the information found within this site, with many many hours of research still to go.  Please visit our Sponsors and consider buying the products offered here; proceeds from those sales are used for research and the upkeep and operation of the  website.  Thanks.
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Books and Music by RD Foster

by RD Foster
Winner of the North Texas Book Festival 2009
Everyone has a story. In One Day as a Lion, 
RD Foster tells the stories of 21 young men from Collin County, Texas who went off to war in Vietnam and didn't come home.
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"Last Train Runnin' is a great story for every palate. Grabs you from the first page, keeps you in suspense and moves expertly from one main character to the next. The book never slowed its pace ..."
Send a check or money order for $17.94 to
PO Box 603 - McKinney, Texas 75070

"A Regular Spinning Top"

Original Texas Music from some of the originators of Texas Music, including Bugs Henderson, Brent Rozell, Joe Copeland, Donnie Mac, Jas Stephens, Milo Deering, Kent Horn, Scott Taylor, more ... 

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CLICK HERE One Day as a Lion by RD Foster

"One Day as a Lion, by RD Foster, is a gut-wrenching reminder of the war and social revolution of the 1960s."
Thomas W. Freudiger,
Digi-Tall Media

Last Train Runnin' by RD Foster " ... The ending is brilliant. Whether a Vietnam veteran, or a war protestor, this book has something for both. The author's sensible approach to that war is refreshing and entertaining."   Star Media
RDF1.jpg RD Foster image by rdfoster
" ... A Regular Spinning Top ... With Blues, Folk and Country-Rock influences, RD Foster's genuine Texas Honky-Tonk sound will make you play this CD over and over again ... "
Texas Music Magazine  

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International War Veterans Poetry Archives (IWVPA)

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Tolleson Sweetheart
A great tribute site for all those who have served in the
United States Armed Forces
Music, Poetry, and Stories

The Forgotten: A film depicting the
journey of a U.S. Tank Platoon in the Korean war.



Thousands of US Veterans have been exposed to asbestos while serving our country, and many are now suffering from mesothelioma cancer as a result.
If you need legal assistance here are some places you can go :
Weitz & Luxenberg, P.C.

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Ears, Open. Eyeballs, Click:
a movie that captures life in Marine Corps Boot Camp
with incredible clarity.

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Nga Toa, meaning "Many Warriors" in the Maori language, is a project dedicated to preserving the oral histories of New Zealandís last remaining World War II veterans.


ACE Military Programs Get college credits for your military service
AFVN Network Archives from Armed Forces Vietnam Radio and TV Network. Listen to jingles, commercials, DJs, and music from Vietnam
American Indian in the Great War Read the book on line by Diane Camarut, about WWI
Authentic History Center Sounds and cartoons from wartime US history. There is some great stuff on this site. It can keep you occupied for hours.
Break The Chain Separate fact from fiction in those weird e-mails that we all get
Buddy Finder Ever wonder what happened to the guys you served with? Find them here.
C-Rations - The official skinny Everything you wanted to know about C-Rations. "Ham and Limas" Yummy!!
Casualties- Navy and Marine Number of Navy and Marine personnel killed and wounded in wars, conflicts, Terrorist Acts, and other Hostile incidents from the Revolutionary War to Iraq.
Center For Research Allied POWs under the Japanese.  Great WWII site.
Center For Women Veterans VA site especially for women vets.
Collin County  Genealogical Society Research your family roots
Collin County Texas Online Official site for Collin County
Dallas Morning News  
Desert For all those who participated in Operation Desert Storm
Drudge Reference Desk Find out anything about anything. Great research site.
Farmersville Times News for Eastern Collin County
FAQ's Navy and Marine Corps Got a question about the Navy or Marine Corps? Find the answer here.
Gas Prices by ZIP Code Find the cheapest gas in town or for your trip.
Granada Invasion All about Operation Urgent Fury, 25, October, 1983.
Gulf War Veterans Resource Page Helpful links for veterans of the Gulf War
Honor Texas Troops Dedicated to the men and women of Texas who have served in the military. Go here and submit your profile.
Inside Collin County Business Great place for county business news. Owned and operated by Veterans.
IRAQ WAR Casualties Fallen Heroes of Operation Iraqi Freedom
Iraq War Veterans Organization For all veterans of OIF
Honor The Fallen Complete list of casualties in Afghanistan and Iraq
Jackie's Garden Listen to some good music for free
Khe Sanh Vets Homepage Dedicated to all who served and died at Khe Sanh 1962-1972
KOREAN WAR Project All about the war in Korea
Korean War Veterans Memorial Homepage of the National Park Service memorial in Washington, DC.
KXEZ  92.1 Good-Time Oldies right here in Collin County
Massacres Of POWs Japanese atrocities in the Dutch East Indies 1941-1942
McKinney Online All about McKinney, history, current events, etc... All you need to know about benefits for Active Duty personnel or Veterans.
Military on the Internet Hundreds of links to Military and Veteran related websites.
Never Forgotten The story of Taiwan WWII POW camps- Many CC men were interned there. List of names.
NGA TOA Nga Toa, meaning "Many Warriors" in the Maori language, is a project dedicated to preserving the oral histories of New Zealandís last remaining World War II veterans. Great pictures and stories.
Obtaining Unit Records Get information on the unit you served in when you served.
Operation Enduring Freedom All about the war  in Afghanistan
Operation Enduring Support Support our troops in Afghanistan with letters or email.
Operation Just Cause The invasion of Panama, December 1989.
Phony Veterans How to detect a phony veteran, and stories of those who have tried to be.
POW-MIA Vietnam A list of ALL declared POW/MIA during the Vietnam War. Verify those email rumors before you pass them on.
Shipwrecks Lists of Ships Sunk and other Maritime  Disasters
Sounds of Vietnam Listen to Armed Forces Radio, Hanoi Hanna, sounds of actual combat, and lots of other good stuff.
Star Community Newspapers Allen,  Celina,  Frisco,  McKinney,  Plano
Stolen Valor How the Vietnam generation was robbed of its heroes and its history.
Texas In The Civil War History of Texas units and soldiers in the Civil War
"The WALL" Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Washington DC
The VIRTUAL WALL Another great site for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Tolleson Sweetheart One girl's tribute to the veterans with some very good music.
US Special Ops Special Ops Units and Operations around the world.
VeriSEAL The original SEAL verification project.
Vietnam Women's Memorial The memorial in Washington DC, dedicated to the women who served in Vietnam
Vietnam Era Music Great site! Over 1000 songs  from the 60's and 70's, jukebox style, FREE
Vietnam Maps Topographical maps of Vietnam during the war.
Vietnam Vets Homepage Site dedicated to Nam Vets
Vietnam Warriors Statistics on the men and women who fought the war in Vietnam
War On Terror Theaters of Operation
Women In the Military Complete list of women war casualties, from the Revolution to Iraq.
WWI Memoirs First-hand accounts of WWI combat. Fantastic Site!
WORLD WAR II Memorial National WWII Memorial in Washington DC
Worldwide Topsites Links to Veterans sites around the world.
Wannabe Slayers Up-to-date listings of phonies who claim to be heroes.


The War Between the States As  I Saw It.
Reminiscent, Historical, and Personal
By A. W. Sparks.

Read the personal memoirs of a teenage soldier from North Texas in Titus Grays, Company I, 9th Texas Cavalry,  Ross' Texas Brigade. The daily accounts of hardship, combat, and the life of an enlisted man, is fantastic. The similarities of his service in the 1860's is so like  the 1960's in Vietnam, it's amazing.

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Memorial Day in
Collin County

Honoring the Heroes
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McKinney High School
Honors Four Vietnam Heroes
as Distinguished Grads